For our latest installation at GREY EAST at Glenn Horowitz Bookseller Grey Area is thrilled to announce a PLAY-themed Project No. 8 pop-up shop and a Hanna Eshel exhibition presented by Patrick Parrish Gallery. From July 25th through August 3rd Elizabeth Beer and Brian Janusiak from Project No. 8 will bring their unique aesthetic to the front space while Patrick Parrish will inhabit the mezzanine with sculptures and paintings by Eshel. To accompany the two installations Grey Area will present a selection of Tom Slaughter works on paper, along with new pieces by Christian Wassman, Aguiñiga Design and more.

Embracing the summer spirit, Project No. 8 has brought a selection of pieces that help facilitate happiness and fun, including design objects, vintage finds and special collaborations with Wax Magazine x Print All Over Me, Arjuna, Quit Mad Stop, Jane D’Arensbourg, and Small Trades Co. Project No 8 is the retail arm of Various Projects, a multidisciplinary design collaboration formed by Elizabeth Beer and Brian Janusiak in 2005. For more about Project No. 8, please visit Project No. 8.

The Project No. 8 pop-up shop will be open through August 3rd, 2014. Glenn Horowitz Bookseller / GREY EAST is open daily 11 AM to 6 PM at 87 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, New York.

For more information please contact