Noh Sang-kyun creates two-dimensional and three-dimensional structures using sequins. In the artist’s earlier works, sequins were used as a way to ruminate the experience of being nearly drowned as a child and as the symbolic expression of fish. However, the work’s efficacy does not get confined in such purpose but is maximized by the mysterious feeling that the material itself gives and the visually illusive nature of the material’s concentration and repetition. Concentric rings are shown in his two-dimensional works mainly through sequins repetitively placed, and such expansion of repetitive circular movement creates rhythmic visual illusion. And the artist regenerates ready-made three-dimensional objects into new forms by densely covering their surfaces with sequins and concealing the original attributes of the objects. His works provide the experience of cognitive chaos that comes from fictitious fantasy using visual illusion created by one material’s repetition, continuity and concentration.