This week we are excited to announce our exclusive collaboration with Little Collector; the Little Collector x Grey Area Gift Box for Kids! Little Collector sells limited edition art works, including prints, sculptures, toys, books, fabric, wearable sculpture, and even punching bags, made by special for kids by contemporary artists. LittleCollector believes that art belongs to the children. The spaces of wild imagination, free-flowing creativity, and uninhibited expression are found nestled among the toys, books and artworks of our little ones. Magic happens everyday in the eyes of our children, and LittleCollector hopes to continually inspire our next generation of artists through their collection of limited edition pieces.

The gift set includes a FriendsWithYou Look Whose Talking II Print, Nick Cave Temporary Tattoos, Nick Cave Imagination Book, Nick Cave Double Sided Inflatable Punching Bag, and a Shelter Serra Fake Roley for Kids, all boxed up in a white box and tied up with a rainbow bow!

Each set includes:

FriendsWithYou Look Whose Talking II Print: This colorful piece will bring the sunshine into any room. FriendsWithYou's latest piece has been revered as a timeless treasure for all ages. You can't help but feel instantly uplifted upon seeing the bright colors dance and groove together, reflective of a minimalist aesthetic that illuminates the pop, fun, and playfulness in us all. The print is more than a pretty picture, for it engages your child's creative mind and sensory perception. The print comes with two googley eyes for your child to place on the print wherever they see a face. 11 x 14 IN. 

Nick Cave Temporary Tattoos: Embellish your arms, legs, back or belly with this set of colorful tattoos that last only until your next scrubbing. Choose your favorite and place it just right, or create your own half-sleeve from the set.

Nick Cave Imagination Book: Since childhood Nick Cave has always dreamt big, his imagination overflowing with color, form and line. In this Imagination Book, the color has been striped from his Soundsuits awaiting your own brave exploration and embellishment. This book contains over 30 pages of activity with full-color-sticker-sheets to inspire you to dream bigger.The book is built upon the idea of imagination and continually delights throughout its pages. From its covers loaded with hundreds of hidden stickers to its various reinterpretations of childhood games this book draws you in as a viewer and quickly converts you to participant.

Nick Cave Double Sided, Inflatable Punching Bag: Standing a full five-feet tall and donning a multi-colored human-hair Soundsuit on one side and a swirling sequined Soundsuit on the other is every kids perfect sparring partner. Fill the lower cavity with sand or water and the upper cavity with air and you can battle until your heart's content or quietly enjoy you new inflatable Soundsuit as a sculptural object. 20 x 20 x 60 IN.

Shelter Serra Fake Roley for Kids: Shelter Serras infamous Fake Roley is now in pint size, made special just for kids! Made of durable rubber, this wearable art piece is perfect gifts for the aspiring little collector.