Beach Porn, Bikes and Babes: Summer Reads

With summer on the wane, we are determined to find ways to extend the season’s sunny influence throughout the rest of the year. For our first line of defense, we picked out some choice art books to bring a little bit of the beach back to our library.Β 


First up on our must-have books is Assouline’s homage to New York’s favorite getaway, In the Spirit of the Hamptons. From the mega-mansions and glitterati dusted parties to the thriving artist culture constructed by icons like Jackson Pollack and Lisa Krasner, the Hamptons have always offered a diverse and glamorous escape or New York’s most influential during the summer. In this bright blue hardcover edition, Assouline celebrates the richness of the Hamptons’ landscape with photographs of some of its iconic spaces.Β 


Our second pick is Surf Photography from the 1960s and 1970s, a classic edition from Taschen featuring the photos of the legendary LeRoy Grannis. Grannis’s imagery transports one to the thriving surf culture that evolved along the West Coast during the 60s and 70s and introduces one to the faces and styles that dominated the beaches.Β 

Photographer Henrik Purienne’s new eponymous book for Prestel was a no-brainer. Filled with images of beached inflatables and tanned babes, Purienne provides a rosy outlook on summer’s best attributes.Β 


With riding season at it’s Β peak, what better way to make the summer last then with an ode to beautiful sets of wheels? For that reason ourΒ final choice had to be Velo-2nd Gear. Covered with shots of gleaming frames, enviable handlebars and candid riders, Gestalten’s book makes one want to take a spin whether that’s the long route to the beach or just around the block.Β