Gavin Brown

The Archiving Afrika Bambaataa's Epic Record Collection


Catalogued in boxes and organized in tight rows at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise (GBE) space on Greenwich Street sits the entire record collection of the legendary New York DJ, Afrika Bambaataa. Opened July 11, 2013, the show entitled The Afrika Bambaataa Master of Record’s Archive, invites visitors to listen and watch as Johan Kugelberg of Boo-Hooray Gallery and his team document, archive and prep the DJ’s enormous collection before it travels to its new home in Cornell University’s Hip Hop Collection. Β 

To commemorate the collection, GBE is hosting several DJ sets throughout the week. On Friday starting at 2pm, our friend Spencer Sweeney, who spun the inaugural tracks for our collaboration with Helmut Lang, will take over the booth alongside Kugelberg in what is sure to be an unmissable performance. Hope to see you and your peeps there.Β 

Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, 620 Greenwich Street, New York

July 11 - August 10