We had a great time at the Surf lodge in Montauk, NY for Kyle DeWoody and Kenny Scharf’s presentation of  Karbombz! Kenny Scharf was there hand painting wild designs on cars for free, and after chef Michael Hamilton hosted yet another amazing meal for a few special guests in celebration, this time a much more colorful array of foods, of course!

 Karbombz! is a free, ongoing project Scharf started to fight the monotony of cars and to help reclaim some aesthetic control over our everyday environment. The artist describes Karbombz! as tattoos for your car, explaining that "cars are everywhere, every corner of the globe, and most of them are really boring. They all look the same grayish boring dullsville. Isn't being stuck in traffic hideously boring? [...] Why should we settle for what automakers give us in terms of our style and color? Karbombz! are free and speak about art, about changing one's vision of the world. Improving America and the world's roadways, one car at a time."