Merijn Hos is an artist and illustrator from Utrecht, The Netherlands. He divides his time between working as a commercial illustrator and working on his own personal projects, exhibitions, and independent publishing.

Merijn’s clients include Jawbone, 030303 Records, Coca-Cola, Dazed & Confused Magazine, Red Bull, Wired Magazine, Keds, Vice Magazine, Pepsi, Le Sportsac, Nickelodeon, Adobe and Nike. Merijn’s work has been exhibited worldwide at KK Outlet, Chapter One, and Rough Trade in London, Beginnings Gallery, and Grey Area in New York, Showroom Mama, Opperclaes Gallery, and Stedelijk Museum Kampen in The Netherlands, Studio Banana in Madrid, Parsons School of Design in Paris, McCulloch Gallery in Melbourne, and Design Museum in Helsinki. 

Merijn and his work have been featured in numerous magazines, and publications worldwide including IdN, Vice Magazine, Computer Arts, Frame, Dazed & Confused, Root, Beautiful/Decay, Code, and DPI.