Inspired by what they saw on the runway, Bergdorf Goodman and it’s venerable leader Linda Fargo approached Grey Area to bring art to the world famous women’s store to kick of New York’s February Fashion Week and a season of art activations dubbed ART MATTERS.

The result, 10 Artists For 10 Spaces...

For the iconic 5th Avenue windows, we worked closely with Bergdorf's legendary visual team to select artists who each in distinct visual languages could create a rich and dynamic environment that would excite and entice the viewers, suit the season's fashion, and coalesce into a harmonious panorama, all the while maintaining an expressive intent. 58th street served more as a gallery, choosing singularity and minimalism over density and diversity, we selected each work for its striking character and ability to carry the space; Beautiful and seductive they capture the eye with contrasts of polish and rawness, sincerity and humor... Finally we were given two interior spaces with which to play. And play we did, letting Andrea Mary Marshall and a camera man loose on the third floor among the Celine and Prouenza to strut and splatter. In an act of pastel vandalization, Marshall let free her latest persona, a modern geisha, who's fans replace a brush in her feminized and sexualized appropriation of the classic action painting.